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  • 691703V 19

    19" Wall Housing 3U Vertical + 5U Horizontal

    Steel sheet housing for wall mounting, completely pre-assembled, self-ventilated Wall raising (overall depth) only 150 mm 3U for vertical mounting of 19" components, max. depths each 1 x 360 / 340 / 300 mm 5U additionally for horizontally mounting of ...

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  • FTTH-BOX-IN-UP FTTH In Wall Distributor

    FTTH In Wall Distributor

    FTTH In Wall Distributor with base plate and hood with cam lock For Splice cassette and adapter Pre-assembled with one splice cassette (without adapters and pigtails) Delivery: Holder for adapters (6x SC Duplex or LC Quad; 24x LC Duplex, E2000® or ...

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  • 691830.1 Universal Periphery Box M-Box

    Universal Periphery Box M-Box

    Clever, sophisticated box for storage of peripheral devices and cables Ensures order e.g. on or under the desk or at a wall Cable entry possible from 3 directions (left/right/below) 2 x 3 Openings for lead out of antennas at the upper side Devices ...

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