USB3.0 SuperSpeed AOC Extender cable, A-A, M-F, up to 100m

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The USB 3.0 active optical cable is designed to be fully compliant with SuperSpeed ​​USB electrical specifications and uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the cable ends to improve cable speed and distance performance that supports much longer distances than standard cable in copper, with lengths up to 100 meters. Thanks to an ultra-thin profile and a long reach, USB 3.0 AOC breaks the distance barrier and introduces USB 3.0 devices into a completely new range of applications, such as long-distance viewing, security and high-definition surveillance, the control of industrial and medical machines.
AOC offers a quick solution to provide longer cables for the USB 3.0 application.

• Convert the USB electrical data signal into an optical signal
• Metal connector covers for superior EMI performance
• Low energy consumption
• Plug and play, no driver installation required
• Lighter, thinner, cable diameter of only 4.6 mm
• Windows and Mac compatible

Technical specifications
• USB3.0 AOC fiber optic hybrid cable
• Supports maximum bandwidth up to 5 Gbps
• OD cable: 4.6 mm
• Maximum range up to 100 meters
• Thinner, lighter and softer than ordinary copper wire
• Connectors: USB type A male / female
• USB extension length: 100 meters
• Only USB3.0 compatible, not compatible to USB2.0. Before ordering please check USB Version of your USB device
Package Contents
• USB 3.0 AOC fiber optic extension 100m
• USB A / Micro B cable 1 meter
• 5V 2.1A USB power supply

Product features

Type of connector connection 1
Number of poles connection 1
Connection type connection 1
Type of connector connection 2
Number of poles connection 2
Connection type connection 2
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